Seidrs and I at Melbourne Armageddon Expo. It’s been a while since I contributed anything to Thor, so here is a silly candid we took!

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Title: Until We Meet Again Artist: Soundtrack 2 reproducciones

Until We Meet Again - Taro Iwashiro, Rurouni Kenshin Teatrical Animation OST

  Julio 23, 2014 at 09:10am


For every man there is a cause which he would proudly die for. 

Defend the right to have a place for which he can belong to.

Really makes me excited for Casca regaining herself. When she sees what Guts has gone through, especially with the armor eating away at him like it is. They’re both so drained and hurt. It’s time for some seriously meaningful healing, both physically and spiritually for these two.

^_^x~ John (Shino)

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This is my favorite NPC in the entire game

This was the best quest

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Someone to fight in their name…

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a girl can dream wait

I loled when Sylvanas was hitting on him xD

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get to know me meme [3/5] favorite relationships → Peter Bishop & Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

"Yes, you do. I have thought of one hundred reasons…why you should come back. To…to fight the shape-shifters, to take care of Walter, to…to save the world. But in the end…you have to come back. Because you belong with me."

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My process for all the paisley armchair pictures. I sometimes forgot to save iterations regularly, so they’re a bit uneven (especially the blue one).

Sorted in the order they were made.

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This is how the world works

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haha, cheers to being a noob. :P

Oh dang this is so true it hurts…

Athelstan’s first raid

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Rexxar is the only orc i actually care about 

and he isn’t even a real orc

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