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Dear theme makers in Tumblr

I don’t get it. Why? Why using super-tiny fonts that can’t be read? It’s my resolution maybe? I use a normal 1680 and I can’t read a fuck in the 90% of the themes out there. At what resolution do people use Chrome? :(

Besides, I love the beautiful hover effects, the intricate link systems…but…that’s not very easy to navegate ..

I used to make that kind of layouts for my personal sites, but then I began working as a webmaster and learning more about web design. What people want it’s not just aesthetics. They also want usability. 

I, besides, I search for adaptability. I don’t want a responsive design for now (Still learning about it) but at least a layout that looks good in a Tablet. That’s also hard to find. 

Sorry for this rant. I’ve been surfing A LOT of Tumblr themes websites, learning about the Tumblr coding through your amazing tutorials out there. But these things just really get me. 

Don’t hate me. Just continue surfing and have a nice day :)

Skydiving by (catastroerg)
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The Temple of the Moon is the dwelling of the Sisters of Elune, and the center of all night elf spiritual life. It is said that Elune herself resides here in spirit.  The iconic statue at the center of the Temple depicts Haidene, First High Priestess of the Moon.
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María Cristina de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, Reina de España, Detail.
by Vicente López y Portaña, 1830
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Hello tumblr!


- is what I call this one for now…

Well, hello there, stranger!

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I love it
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